E-SWAN Mission

The mission of E-SWAN is to unite, sustain, and develop Space Weather and Space Climate activities in Europe

The E-SWAN mission embraces the following:

Organisation or co-organisation of conferences and/or other space weather and space climate (hereafter “SWSC”) topical events in Europe

Complementary distribution of media for dissemination of scientific knowledge;

Support for early career scientists working in Europe by providing advice and fostering communication;

Promotion of education and advanced training through continuing education opportunities within Europe;

Maintaining and enhancing international cooperation (globally);

Honouring and promoting outstanding scientific achievements and scientists by conferring awards and medals;

Outreach to promote SWSC (with a focus on Europe);

Fostering the creation of networks of scientists, engineers, stakeholders, and end-users in order for them to organise joint activities mainly in Europe;

Raising awareness and providing support to all activity sectors possibly affected by space weather and/or space climate focussing within Europe;

Supporting editorial/publication activities related to SWSC (e.g. journal, press releases);

Lobbying and influencing the agenda and work programmes of national and international organisations and decision makers in favour of SWSC with a focus on Europe;

Collaborating with other similar international organisations; and

Aiming to represent the European SWSC community in other communities and other areas of the world.