E-SWAN General Assembly

The General Assembly is formed by all the members of the Association.

The General Assembly shall be responsible for the following tasks:

  • To elect the candidates announced by the Council for the composition of the EB members;
  • To approve the budget of the Association drawn up by the Executive Board;
  • To report any changes to the membership fee(s)/process(es) of the Association decided by the Executive Board;
  • To approve the annual report drawn up by the EB;
  • To approve the bylaws and electoral rules of the Association that are proposed by the EB;
  • To approve amendments to the Statutes (where appropriate);
  • To approve the dissolution of the Association;
  • And, in other cases where the law and/or the statutes and/or the bylaws demand a decision by the General Assembly.

Link to the Reports of the General assembly.