E-SWAN Council

The Council roles are to:

  • Makes recommendations to the Executive Board in order to sustain and develop E-SWAN,
  • Makes recommendations for new Committees within E-SWAN
  • May suggest new committees by itself, or
  • May report on propositions made by E-SWAN members, during or outside the General Assembly
  • Controls that the E-SWAN decisions are consistent with its statutes,
  • Identifies themes and fields in space weather and space climate research which are growing in importance and are not or very little represented in E-SWAN
  • Ensures a good coordination and collaboration between all the committees

The Council composition is

  • one representative of the Awards Committee
  • two representatives of the Publications Committee
  • two representatives of the ESWW Programme Committee
  • representative(s) from any newly-formed Committee

In 2023-2024 the Council members are:

  • Sophie Chabanski (representative of the ESWW Program Committee) (Chair of the Council)
  • Mario Bisi (representative of the ESWW Program Committee)
  • Piers Jiggens (representative of the ESWW Program Committee)
  • Andrea Opitz (representative of the Awards Committee)
  • Paolo Romano (representative of the Publication Committee)
  • Jurgen Watermann (representative of the Publication Committee)


The Council elects its own Chair from within its members. The Chair of the Council will also hold a place on the Executive Board as an ex officio member provided they meet the criteria for becoming an Executive Board member as defined in the Statutes or else a nominated delegate that does meet those criteria must be chosen from within the Council.