Can space activities be made environmentally sustainable ?
An E-SWAN workshop.


E-SWAN is delighted to announce that it is organising a Sustainability Workshop on the Sunday preceding the ESWW19, in the same venue. The aim of the workshop is to share ideas, good practices, and discuss how we can go ahead and leave a sustainable future for the next generations.

This opportunity is in the frame of E-SWAN's value to emphasises and supports behaviours that respect the natural environment.



19 November 2023
Two options:

  • 09:00 - 17:00 : This options includes the morning collaborative activity
  • 12:00 - 17:00 : This options does not include the morning collaborative activity and start with the lunch


Centre Baudis, Toulouse, France (ESWW 19 venue)



The finite resources of our planet call into question the environmental impact of our activities. With this workshop, the E-SWAN Sustainability Working Group aims to raise awareness of these impacts, present alternative ways of working and discuss solutions to help us make appropriate choices. The programme consists of a series of presentations by experts in the field, with ample time for discussion and interaction.

We also offer the option of participating in a climate fresk ( or a biodiversity collage ( on the morning of the workshop. These are collaborative mini-workshops that allow you to understand the systemic aspects of climate change or biodiversity loss. Over a million people have already taken part in these fresks, which are a great way of understanding the inner mechanisms and empowering us to take action. Each workshop involves a team of 6-7 people and lasts 3 hours.


The registration to the Workshop takes place alongside the registration to the ESWW 2023.



For E-SWAN members

  • 40€ for students
  • 60€ for the others

Non E-SWAN members

  • 70€ for students
  • 90€ for the others