Funding (FUND)


In order to cope with the growing vulnerability of our modern society to space weather, there is a need for sustained funding for space weather observation and modelling activities, that go
beyond capabilities of individual countries.
In Europe, space weather activities have been developed since 2009 by the European Space Agency (ESA), through the Space Situation Awareness (SSA) and Space Safety Program
(S2P) recently being entrusted also by the European Commission (EC) in managing the related EC efforts.
In particular, ESA is developing the pre-operational Space Weather Service Network (SWESNET) and focusing on the provision of dedicated space observations developing the operational Vigil spacecraft as well as Distributed Space Weather sensors concepts.
At the international level, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), has established an Expert Team on Space Weather and has adopted a Four-year Plan for WMO’s Coordination of Space Weather Activities 2020-2023.
In response to the WMO requirement, the European Meteorological satellite organisation (EUMETSAT) has expressed an interest in developing operational space weather activities.


  • Finding ways for ensuring sustained funding for space weather activities that go beyond capabilities of individual countries.
  • Finding sustained opportunities to fund the European Space Weather and Space Climate activities.


  • Chair: Steven Dewitte (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
  • Co-Chair: Jaroslav Urbář (Institute of Atmospheric Physics of Czech Academy of Sciences)



  • Anna Morozova (University of Coimbra)
  • Agnieszka Gil-Świderska (University of Siedlce)
  • Robertus Erdélyi (University of Sheffield)
  • Paolo Romano (Istituto Nationale di Astrofisica)
  • Jorge Amaya (European Space Agency)