Users engagement (USENG)


This WG is dedicated to the involvement of the various actors in SWSC. It works in synergy with EOCom for the organisation of events (e.g. small workshops) dedicated to the user communities, providing inputs on the possible topics to which they can be interested.


  • Identification of actors and their specific needs
  • Together with EOCom, organise workshops on relevant topics with and for actors
  • Provide suggestions for the SWSC community on how user engagement can be supported and leveraged


  • Chair: Veronika Haberle (GeoSphere Austria, Austria)
  • Co-chair: Balazs Asztalos (ELTE, Hungary)



  • Jaroslav Urbář (IAP CAS, Czech Republic)
  • Yuri Shprits (GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences)
  • Denis Bosquet (AXA XL)
  • Rui Pinto (IRAP U. Toulouse)
  • Manuela Aguzzi (Space Applications Services)
  • Jennifer O’Hara  (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
  • Petra Vanlommel (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
  • Lenka Zychova (BIRA)