Awards winners 2021

The Kristian Birkeland Medal
Pr. Shibata

Prof. Shibata is a world-renowned solar physicist. He has published more than 300 papers in refereed journals. That have been cited more than 20,000 times. He has contributed a lot to international collaborations more

The Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal
Dr Kusnetsova

Dr Kusnetsova is probably one of the best-known space weather scientists in the world, through her unique activity in founding, maintaining and constantly developing the famous Community Coordinated Modelling Center more

The Alexander Chizhevsky Medal
Dr. Martin Reiss

After receiving his master's degree in theoretical and computational physics in January 2014 with distinction, Dr Reiss started his doctoral study of natural sciences at the University of Graz (Austria). A few months, he had developed more

Awards winners 2020

The Kristian Birkeland Medal
Dr. Richard Horne

Dr. Horne has made some of the most seminal contributions to the observations and theory of magnetospheric plasma waves and their interactions with various particle populations. He is the world leader in this field more

The Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal
Dr Madhulika Guhathakurta

Dr. Madhulika Guhathakurta (Lika) has contributed significantly to all the three criteria for the Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal. Lika was one of the founders of the International Living With a Star Program (ILWS), more

The Alexander Chizhevsky Medal
Dr Mateja Dumbovic

Dr. Dumbović has been highly productive, both in terms of her research and as a member of the space weather community. Her research has covered a range of solar/heliospheric topics that are critical to the study of space weather, more

Awards winners 2019

The Kristian Birkeland Medal
Dr. Bruce Tadashi Tsurutani

Dr. Bruce Tsurutani, is principal scientist at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, USA. Dr. Tsurutani is renowned in multiple research fields including space weather, nonlinear plasma waves, more

The Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal
Pr. Delores J. Knipp

Delores Knipp is an outstanding ambassador for space weather, and has been a leader in the science, teaching, and dissemination of space weather research for decades. She has made major contributions to our understanding more

The Alexander Chizhevsky Medal
Dr. Jiajia Liu

Dr. Liu obtained his PhD degree in June 2015 from the University of Science and Technology of China with honors. Up to now, he has published an impressive 31 peer-reviewed papers in top journals, including Nature Communications... read more

Awards winners 2018

The Kristian Birkeland Medal
Pr. Tamas Gombosi

A leader in space weather and planetary research, a visionary in Space Weather numerical modeling, and a pioneer of cometary plasma physics. Professor Gombosi was born and raised in Hungary. He earned his PhD in physics ... read more

The Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal
Pr. Hermann J Opgenoorth

One of the major founders and leaders of the discipline of Space Weather in Europe through both his leading and important scientific research as well as his many and varied contributions to the organisation of Space Weather more

The Alexander Chizhevsky Medal
Dr. Christina Kay

The Catholic University of America and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is the recipient of this year’s Alexander Chizhevsky Medal. The medal is awarded to a young researcher for outstanding achievements more

Awards winners 2017

The Kristian Birkeland Medal
Dr. Bojan Vršnak

Dr. Bojan Vršnak has worked on various aspects of solar eruptive phenomena and their space weather impact, from observational as well as from theoretical side. These phenomena under study include solar flares, flux ropes more

The Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal
Prof. Ji Wu

Professor Ji Wu has made an outstanding contribution to international collaboration in the field of space weather. He has played a key role is opening up collaborations between Chinese and researchers in other countries, more

The Alexander Chizhevsky Medal
Dr. Elena Popova

The major scientific contribution of Elena Popova is in detailed modelling of the intricacies of solar magnetic activity as associated with generation and evolution of strong magnetic field in the solar interior and its temporal behaviour more

Awards winners 2016

The Kristian Birkeland Medal
Dr. Antti Pulkkinen

Dr. Antti Pulkkinen is an internationally recognized scientist for his contribution to the research on geomagnetically induced currents (GICs). His pioneering research has advanced our understanding of the extremes more

The Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal
Prof. Mike Hapgood

Prof. Mike Hapgood is an excellent and internationally recognised expert in space weather. Specifically, he has effectively led various international projects on the impact of space weather phenomena on technological systems more

The Alexander Chizhevsky Medal
Dr. Julia Thalmann

Dr. Julia K. Thalmann received her master thesis in astrophysics at the University of Graz (Austria) under the supervision of Dr. Astrid Veronig, she analysed a CME- initiated shock wave, so-called Moreton wave, and filament more

Awards winners 2015

The Kristian Birkeland Medal
Dr. Werner Schmutz

Dr Werner Schmutz is a widely accepted authority in the area of space weather and space climate studies. As director of the Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos and World Radiation Center (PMOD/WRC), more

The Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal
Dr. Christine Amory Mazaudier and 
Dr. David Berghmans

Christine Amory-Mazaudier is a gifted scientist, with more than 90 space weather papers more

Dr. David Berghmans was present at the foundation of space weather in more

The Alexander Chizhevsky Medal
Dr. Tatiana Podladchikova

As a visiting scholar Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium Tatiana Podladchikova focused on the development of a prediction technique for the sunspot cycle maximum amplitude. In 2009-2011 as a Research Scientist at more

Awards winners 2014

The Kristian Birkeland Medal
Prof. Bodo W. Reinisch

Dr. Reinisch is president and CEO of Lowell Digisonde International, LLC which designs and manufactures ionospheric HF systems, and participates in the development of ionospheric models. From 1965 to 2010, more

The Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal
Dr. Joseph Davila

Dr Davila is a world-class space physicist. He has a long heritage of space mission involvement and leadership, including key projects such as STEREO, Solar Orbiter and SERTS, and has an established research record more

The Alexander Chizhevsky Medal
Dr. Christina Plainaki

Christina started to model cosmic ray propagation through the Earth’s magnetosphere and atmosphere as a post-graduate student in the field of space plasma physics and cosmic rays at the University of Athens more.

Awards winners 2013

The Kristian Birkeland Medal
Dr. Dieter Bilitza

Dr. Bilitza is a research professor at George Mason University’s School of Physics, Astronomy, and Computational Science in Fairfax, Virginia, and a chief scientist at NASA GSFC’s Heliospheric Physics Laboratory more

The Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal
Dr. Hans Haubold

Professor Hans Haubold is the initiator of basic space science related activities conducted in the framework of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications. For nearly three decades, Professor Hans Haubold more

The Alexander Chizhevsky Medal
Dr. Gaël Cessateur

Gaël defended his PhD in France in June, 2011 on the effect of the solar EUV flux on the upper atmospheres of the Earth and Ganymede. Obviously, he knows the physics behind the phenomena he is studying and fully understands more