The Alexander Chizhevsky Medal 2020

Doctor Mateja Dumbovic

Dr. Dumbović has been highly productive, both in terms of her research and as a member of the space weather community. Her research has covered a range of solar/heliospheric topics that are critical to the study of space weather, often bridging the gap between observations and modelling. During her PhD work she was involved in the EU FP7 COMESEP project. She implemented statistical models for the geoeffectiveness of CMEs, which eventually became one of the COMESEP advanced warning tools. She also developed a model for the Forbush decreases seen within in situ CME observations. This tool allows one to infer many properties about an observed CME.

This approach is also highly innovative as it provides a manner to identify CMEs when the traditional measurements, such as magnetic field, may not be available. Other researchers have followed her work to infer CMEs during the pre-satellite age at Earth and for current-day Mars. Finally, she has been highly involved in development of the Drag Based Model and the corresponding ensemble version, some of the most user-friendly, readily-available tools for CME arrival time forecasting. She has authored 31 papers (9 first author), which have a combined 580 citations.

While the scope of her research is impressive, her contributions to the community may even overshadow it. She frequently referees papers, having 42 reviews officially recognized by Publons and has been identified as an “exceptional reviewer” by many notable journals. She has co-convened several sessions, including one at ESWW in 2017.

Since 2012 she has been a member of either the local or scientific organizing meeting for 15 different international meetings or workshops. She has also been involved in the mentoring of several Master and PhD students over the past few years. She has also been highly involved in public outreach. Finally, her resume contains a long list of invited seminars and scientific collaborations showing how connected she is to the space weather community and their enthusiastic support of her work.