The Baron Marcel Nicolet Medal 2013

Doctor Hans Haubold

Professor Hans Haubold is the initiator of basic space science related activities conducted in the framework of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications. For nearly three decades, Professor Hans Haubold has been the central person within the United Nations to promote international cooperation in all fields of space science through the Basic Space Science Initiative. He played a central role in establishing the Regional Centres for space science and technology education, affiliated to the United Nations. He coordinated and led the United Nation sponsored activities of the International Heliophysical Year in 2007. In this frame, he was at the origin of the International Space Weather initiative – ISWI – still at work. More than one hundred countries, including more than eighty developing countries participate in the ISWI with workshops in Egypt, Nigeria, Ecuador...

Thanks to Professor Hans Haubold’s dynamism, space weather was promoted actively throughout the world, and particularly in developing countries. For all these reasons, the Committee decided to award Hans Haubold with the 2013 Baron Marcel Nicolet Space Weather and Space Climate medal.